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  • Advantages
    • Improves the dynamic image of a brand.
    • Increases the communication of brands with long-term publications.
    • By being located in the most popular points of city centers, it increases the brand prestige.
    • Since they are large-scale areas, it causes selective perception and at the same time helps brands be memorable.
    • They are special areas preferred by brands for 3D applications.
  • Advantages
    • Extremely effective for short-term campaigns that require quick consumer attention, including product promotions or calls to action.
    • Advertising spaces located near points of purchase encourage sales.
    • It provides access quickly and cost-effectively.
    • They are areas positioned for high visibility for pedestrians as well as drivers in Ataşehir, one of the niche districts of Istanbul.
Our Sample Campaigns
  • Isbankasi
  • Loreal
  • Netflix
  • Blutv
  • Bp
  • Beymensvg
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